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Thank you for taking the time to give my author page and books a positive review, rating and like on Amazon.  I read each and everyone and it makes the years it took me to write the books completely worth the effort.


I also appreciate you telling others about the book, our social sites, and the website. If you are buying a used book please do not give me a bad review online because it was not in new condition directly from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


In both versions of The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat books, there is one chapter on my Ragdoll wannabes, I felt as the author,  plus the 4 years it took me to write the book, that one of my reason behind writing, could be included in one chapter.


The prices of the books are determined by the publishers' printer cost and the sellers
for full color and vary depending on the worldwide distribution.

The majority of the hundreds of photos in The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat were taken by their
cat owners or breeders, who were kind enough to fill out all the paperwork and forms that granted me permission to use them.  A special thank you to all who contributed photos, advice, help, guidance, support and critique, this book would not have been possible without you~

In gratitude,



If you discover your breeder or rescue organization through the book, our social media sites, or this website– please let them know how you found them.

Thank you to all who shared a photo of your cat with one of our books! Want to be included?
Shoot and share and post with your photo on Facebook, or Instagram, and don't forget to tag me.  I may include the photo on this webpage.  

Did you read The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat? What'd you like best?

· the extensive list of resources and references

· the questions to ask a breeder

· the diagram and details of the Ragdoll beginning

· the two pages of photos showing the Ragdoll kittens from when they were born as they grew

· the health, diseases, vaccines, vet information or the tip on pilling bitter pills

· seeing so many pictures of different Ragdolls colors and patterns

· the kitten to adult color change

· list of toxins and dangers, what to have in my first aid and emergency kits

· as a tool for researching the breed, or as a guide to refer back to

· food, travel or bringing your new arrival home information

· Ragdoll and RagaMuffin differences

· info on toys, cat trees, grooming, bathing, litter, unwanted behavior

· an aging cat and saying goodbye, with grief resources

· the one chapter of my personal story of my two Ragdoll wannabes I found through a Ragdoll rescue, or my personal hints and info


The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat Hardback


Thank you for making my HB book #1 on and my PB #1 Amazon’s Canada Best Sellers list in Cat breeds
HB July 14, 2013, and PB Nov 20, 2014

Thank you for making my HB book #3  and my PB #3 on Amazon’s USA Best Sellers list in Cat Breeds.
HB May 25, 2013  and PB June 15, 2014

Danke for making my HB book #7 on Amazon’s Germany Best Sellers list in Animal care and pets.
Feb 27. 2013

Thank you for making my HB book #44 and my PB #20 on Amazon’s UK Best Sellers list in Cats
HB Feb 22, 2013 and PB July, 11, 2014

Read the interview and book review by author Jenny Dean, of
While you're there take a look around. Her website is wonderful!

The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat Abridged Paperback

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kindle at Meow.JPG

You Had Me at Meow Available in paperback or ebook


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You Had Me at Meow
on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and I may put it here.

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