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Kim has been an animal lover since childhood, bringing home animals, or pleading to keep a stray. She had all sorts of pets, but was never allowed to have a cat.

Shortly after she married, her cousin called, who is now a veterinarian, and told her about available kittens. She jumped at the chance and brought home a little fluff ball they named Skeamer (she is the cat on the cover of You Had Me at Meow). Her husband jokes that he missed that part in their wedding vows which stated they just had to have pets.

She worked in furniture sales and interior design for twenty years, and was self-employed for the last fifteen of those years. She felt like she needed to move on and try something different. She considered pet sitting or working with a veterinarian, but her husband, knowing how much she liked animals, especially those in need, did not think much of those ideas.

Before Kim decided to close her retail store, they lost Skeamer at the age of seventeen. It wasn’t long before the house started to feel empty and Kim added her name to a Ragdoll Rescue website to be notified of available Ragdolls in her area. Almost immediately, exactly what she had wanted showed up on Petfinder, and the Ragdoll Rescue website. She drove a few hours away, to pick up her two Ragdoll wannabe kittens, she named Tyler and Trinity.

She closed her business without knowing what would follow. A few months later she had a desire to make a coffee table photo book, but when she started on that, the idea evolved into a full-fledged detailed book about Ragdoll cats. Kimberly is now designing book covers while she continues to write. She released You Had Me at Meow in June of 2015.

In addition to her love of cats, especially Ragdolls, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, photography, and all aspects of design. She also has a heart for Jesus.

She lives in a small town, in the Carolina mountains with her husband of over thirty years.

The majority of the hundreds of photos in

The Friendly Floppy Ragdoll Cat were taken by their
cat owners or breeders, who were kind enough to fill out all the paperwork
and forms that granted me permission to use them. 
A special thank you to all who contributed photos, advice, help, guidance, support and critique, this book would not have
been possible without you~

TFFRC contributors

Alissa Pendorf’s Raina is a blue lynx bicolor from breeder Jazzmania. Back cover bottom photo is Alissa’s Raina doing the Ragdoll flop. Alissa is also the artist of the stunning hand drawn Ragdoll portrait of Jenny Dean’s Ragdoll Charlie.

Angela Kostelansky of Three Rivers Ragdolls “A small home cattery near Pittsburgh PA. We breed minks as well as traditional colors and patterns.”


Anthony Gonzales of Beauty Purrs Cattery, breeding Persians.


Barbara Mῡller-Walter’s Maxwell Smart, was a black silver classic tabby Maine Coon.


Caroline Parris’ Ragdoll wannabe, Angel a seal colorpoint. (Apologies to my best friend for accidentally leaving this information out of the back of the book.)


Cindy Forst’s Lili, is an SPCA rescue who is a blue colorpoint.


Constance McCarthy’s Nicodemus is a seal colorpoint and Ezekiel, a seal point mitted. Nicodemus is Ezekiel’s Uncle from Sugar Plum Ragdolls in Auburn California.


Debbie Le-Strange of Guys n Dolls. “Registered breeder in Queensland, Australia breeding home raised beautiful, healthy Ragdolls.”


Debra F. Payne of Blumoon O’ Kentucky Cattery breeding Siamese and American Wirehairs.


Eve Kurpiers’ Snuggler is a chocolate torbie bicolor and Nuzzler, a blue bicolor.


Gail Vettel of Angel Kissed Ragdolls “The Ragdoll truly is a remarkable breed.”


Gloie Wall’s Benji is a flame point mitted lynx and Katie, a seal colorpoint along with Jamie the Sheltie.


Jenny Moylan’s Shiloh, is a flame bicolor. Her dog Indy along with a non-Ragdoll kitten are also featured.


Karen Wilkinson’s four Ragdolls are Gizmo a cream bicolor, Fred also a cream bicolor, Merlin who is a seal point mitted and Myst a blue colorpoint. They are from Julie Emery of Yremer Ragdolls. Merlin and Myst are litter brothers, as are Gizmo and Fred.


Karen Wright of Kylador “Small cattery breeding traditional Ragdolls. Our cats are registered with TICA. Kittens are well socialized, healthy and loving. Before they leave they are always spayed/neutered, micro-chipped and have received their first two vaccinations. Three year health guarantee and daily videos while you are waiting for your kitten. Raised underfoot with retrievers that we also breed.” Back cover, top photo is Kylador’s Basil, a blue bicolor.


Kevin Wright’s Spencer. No papers but was told he was a purebred.


Krista Tulle’s Zeus is a blue bicolor from Kylador Ragdolls. Chance the lab is pictured also.


Kristi Pemberton of Big City Dolls Ragdoll Cattery located in Cincinnati, Ohio. “We offer traditional Ragdolls as well as minks, sepias and solids. We focus on breeding for health and temperament thus producing beautiful healthy kittens with wonderful personalities.”


Laurie Nicholson of Rock n Ragz


Linda Dicmanis’ Schniffley, a seal colorpoint and Bingo, who is a blue colorpoint are both from Ragd’vine Ragdolls.


Lynn Freeman’s Nolte is a blue bicolor and Dinky was a seal bicolor.


Lynn Jasper’s Supurrags Princess Isabella, “Bella” is a seal point mitted.


Macair Skelton-Angeles’ RockstarDolls Sir Augustine. “Auggie” is a blue A-typical bicolor.


Marsha Harris’ Quincy is a male flame bicolor and Tessie, the female seal point mitted that is on the front cover and main photo of the mosaic composite. Both cats are from Fur Real Ragdolls and are half brother and sister.


Mary Becker’s Tedrick “Teddy” is a seal lynx mitted with a mismark hourglass on his face, from Pams Dollhouse Ragdoll Cattery and Toulouse “Touie” is a blue point mitted with a small blaze from Gwennor Ragdolls.


Mary Susan McAuliff of Windy-Gables Ragdolls in Richmond, VA “Breeding traditional and mink Ragdolls since 2006.”


Melissa Firestone of RockstarDolls Ragdolls in Virginia.


Mrs. Mary Ewen of DrouinDolls.


Nancy East’s O’Malley is a chocolate lynx mitted, Reilly a blue cream mitted, and Murphey a flame colorpoint who is “gone buy not forgotten.” All cats from Abadabadolls. Shea the German Shepherd is pictured also.


Photographer Nyree Glapp’s Meddle, a black silver tabby blotched Maine Coon.

Patricia Besaw’s Bellapalazzo Sir Bentley and Bellapalazzo Maximillion are both blue-eyed white Ragdolls, as registered in TICA.


Pia Venbrant of Hvenhildas in Sweden “has been breeding since 1991, started with Ragdolls in 1997.”


Rovena E. Parmley of Tuftytoes Ragdoll Cats, “Original breeder cats came from Ann Baker and IRCA. Breeding large, loving, & “floppy” Ragdolls in point and non-pointed (solid) colors since 1982.” Member of RI, RFCI, TICA, and TICA Keestone Katz Cat Club.


Sandy Baker’s Rocky is from Cathedral Ragdolls and is a seal lynx mitted. Pippin is a seal mitted with blaze. Nicky the Dalmatian, Holly the Hungarian Vizsla and Duncan a Quaker parrot are also featured.


Shalane Doucette of Palace Cats Ragdolls and Sphynx in Florida. Back cover middle photo is PalaceCats Armani, a seal mitted kitten.


Shirley Stubrich’s Mick, is a seal bicolor, Marley is a blue bicolor, both are from Kylador. Rajah is a blue colorpoint.


Sonja Phillips’ Cody Blue is a blue colorpoint and Tucker Bee a, seal point mitted. Brody was a seal bicolor who died at 13 months after being exposed and contracting FIP. Brothers Cody and Tucker are from Kelbrier and are leap year babies.


Stephanie Green’s Kasseldolls Identity Crisis “Janet” is a blue bicolor.


Susan Thompson’s Dollheaven Tinkerbell is a blue torbie point mitted and Dollheaven Tallulah a blue bicolor.


Suzanne Leonhard of Hollywood Rags


Tara Rerrie’s Dixter, a red mackerel tabby RagaMuffin.


Wain Pearce historian and copyright holder of the early Ragdoll / Baker photos, for the Ragdoll Fanciers Club International (RFCI)

Special thanks to my cousin for all her help on the book and over twenty years of always being there to answer my cat questions.
Dr. Shaylene Snyder DVM Hemlock Bluffs Animal Hospital

If you discover your breeder or rescue organization through the book, our social media sites, or this website– please let them know how you found them.

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